"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" - Eleanor Roosevelt


In this profound journey of self exploration, you’ll discover your true will, learn how to have the utmost compassion toward yourself and others and connect to your “Joy de vive”.

This life is a gift, YOU are a gift! and yet society shames us for loving who we love, liking what we like if it doesn't go along with the herd.

Embrace your divinity, all that is you, all that makes you special and unique. This work will help you live the way nature intended, as a whole and unique being, with all the beauty and mess that make us human.

That’s where I come in. 


I see your shadows, I also see your Divine nature, I can see your goodness, even when you cannot.


I feel into all the past behaviors and patterns...the traumas, intergenerational, sexual, child, PTSD, etc.


I feel into all of it and I help you feel your way through it, too. 


 Until you embrace the aspects of your psyche that have been deemed  by society, friends, partners and religions as undesirable, not good enough, to much, bad and wrong, you will never find wholeness , you will never feel accepted and will keep trying to find that feeling of belonging from outside of yourself.

I’m here to guide you through to the other side of your stuck places.


 Where you see yourself as the divinity you are. 

It can all begin with a free phone call...



Pain is sensation,

we get to choose how we experience that sensation


As we move through this process, you will learn how to exist and even thrive in high sensation

These sensations often show up situationally, meaning, when this shit happens, it hurts

  • Relationships that seemed stale or outdated, and lacking connection - one more night in front of the TV, doing nothing again...silent...separate

  • Feelings of detachment or emptiness, even apathy

  • Stuck in old patterns that make you feel, well, stuck - bored with your same ol’ same ol’, yet not able to kick yourself out of your rut and thrive

  • No matter how much money is made, something is still missing - the one thing we think will fix it all, doesn’t

  • We are all stuck right now, in our homes, in outdated relationships, in joblessness and for many, abject poverty. (If this is YOU, I offer scholarships based on need and situation.


Shit just doesn't work anymore...​

​There is more to life than this hollow, shallow feeling of fear, dread, and stuck-ness.


And with wit and humor, depth and compassion, I help you face the walls that somehow got erected right in between you and your goals...your best life...your divine nature. 


Because I’ve been where you are. 


I’ve survived it all, and yet, Im in it now too, WITH YOU.

Through childhood neglect and sexual trauma, intergenerational trauma, PTSD and coming to terms with my own innate gifts to walk the shadows, I have developed the skills I need to help others do the same.

As a certified JRNI Catalyst Coach, I’ll focus on the concepts of Positive Psychology. Change Theory, and Appreciative Inquiry.

I’ll help you unpack the stuff you can’t find on your own, or help you see it with a different perspective, trust me it's there... 

Years of experience in Shadow Integration Techniques, digging into everything from psychology to spiritual and magickal practices, as well as my own life experience, the road to wholeness has been long. 


During our time together I will champion you and be your guide into your hidden depths.

We’ll discover and unpack the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and find a way through to the truth of who YOU want to be.


We will incorporate  the raw  powerful beauty of shadow integration, mindfulness, empathy and humor among others to help you ferret out your shadows and desires so that you can find the truth of who you are and bring your inner bad-ass into the light.

I provide a safe, fun, and oftentimes irreverent container for you to learn and grow, to lean into your edges and thrive. 

I require bravery and commitment...this can be hard work.






   "Desire urges me on, as fear bridles me"- Giordano Bruno


The programming that you likely received,  no longer serves you. 

And as soon as you open yourself up to accepting every layer of who you are, without judgment, shame, resentment, or pain, you will open yourself to becoming the universal force, your whole self, that you have a right to be.


stop trying to fill the emptiness you feel with outside influences, which can lead to addiction and toxic relationships to ourselves and others.


Kick your programmed limiting beliefs in their ass.

Uncover your subconscious desires, fears, and certainly the repressed parts of yourself, including sexual desires and orientation, secret enjoyment of [...] that others may find deviant or "not proper" and even just hidden talents!

With skill and an uncanny intuition (my super power), we’ll:

  •  Ferret out these shadowy aspects of your personality,

  • Support you in leaning into your edges,

  • Embrace, love and utilize these inherent strengths so that you can connect to the truth of who you are and want to be



In this profound journey of self exploration, you’ll discover your true will, learn how to have the utmost compassion toward yourself and others and connect to your “Joy de vive”.

This life is a gift, YOU are a gift! and yet society shames us for loving who we love, liking what we like if it doesn't go along with the herd.

Embrace your divinity, all that is you, all that makes you special and unique. This work will help you live the way nature intended, as a whole and unique being, with all the beauty and mess that make us human.


"I have always been more than a bit resistant to outside advice and guidance. I’m very much a DIY ‘self helper’ who likes to do things my own way, in my own time. Needless to say, the notion of working w/ a coach made me incredibly nervous!! Yet- here I am, with the resounding recognition that saying YES to working with Summer is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made. The things I was previously terrified of regarding working w/ a coach, actually became FUN, all thanks to Summers empowering command. Summer has provided me w/ the guidance and support I never knew I needed, with the direction and accountability I could never admit deep down I wanted. Since starting my sessions with Summer, my desires and the steps I must take to pursue them are coming into crystal clear focus. My far off, ‘someday’, dreams have become tangible aspects of my everyday life. Summer is the compassionate and badass, intelligent yet warm, perceptive and creative, fun but no bullshit, sharp and REAL support I believe anyone and everyone can benefit from, no matter the circumstances, hang ups or hurdles. Summer GETS IT, and is equipped to pick you up wherever you are, and guide you back to your TRUE path.
Working with Summer has reminded me how truly capable I am, has reignited my confidence and reset my focus. What better gift could I give myself? When you’re ready for shit to get real, you’ll want Summer in your corner."

B. Storie
Artist, poet and writer



If only you knew how to survive this. How to create the life you want and pull yourself out of the darkness.

I know how you feel. 


Like you, I’ve been through some serious and sometimes weird shit. And I would have given anything to have someone to walk with me through it...To help me understand what was happening and how I could cope without losing my marbles.



I decided to become that someone.


I decided to become the person that I needed when I was going through IT...to become the person that others need when they go through IT. 


The shadows are strong. But you are stronger. Here, you have a place of NO JUDGMENT to yell, kick, scream, cry, and rage...

Because you are allowed to FEEL. 


And I will help you feel it...and then I’ll help you move through it faster than you ever believed you could.

The intimacy you crave...

The business you want…

The life you can taste…

The freedom of surrender.


It’s all there. On the other side of the shadows.


A personal recounting...

A kaleidoscope of contradiction is how I once described myself. 


My Mercurial personality is one of paradox, a paradox that within I hold dear to my heart, I am strong and loving and yet scratch and writhe at its imperfect and uncanny ability to leave me anxious and lost.


Growing up in this paradox of being, I was cherished and safe, loved. The other end of the pendulum was met with fear and confusion, I was neglected, shamed, demonized and abandoned.


One great parent and one...Not.


 I am a motherless daughter, this in itself has implications that are vast, from a psychological perspective.


I am a Scorpio with a Gemini moon. (Don’t worry, I won’t bite and bail.)

I am the Knight of Wands, King of Spirits 


These deep aspects of my incarnation allow for me to communicate with the darkness and the Underworld (subconscious)

This, as you can imagine, can be a challenging way to perceive one's life. 


I had to develop grounding practices throughout my life to keep me sane. Yoga, meditation, ritual and just recently Shibari, have been essential for my growth and preservation.

Ive also done it wrong. like really fucking wrong.

Ive misused alcohol and drugs, sought out others in pain to try and fill the need for belonging( this is called trauma bonding, yep, its a thing)

Ive hurt others in trying to "find my self", and all of this led to me digging my self a deeper hole, lets call that hole my heart.

I needed a shovel so big it doesn't exist. I'd jump down the rabbit hole with anyone whom I thought connected with me until I couldn't get out.

In my own way I thought if I could save them, I would be saving myself too.

NO, NOPE. Hello! welcome to my shadows, meet my demons, we are all friends here.

My aesthetic tastes are darker in nature and yet I am a morning person, renewed each morning by the dewy quiet and warmth of the sun on my skin.

I’ve hopped freight trains across the country, squatted in the lower eastside of Manhattan. I've lived overseas (I was once kidnapped in Ireland for a couple days and was rescued by some interesting characters of the Irish criminal underworld.) That is a story for another time, perhaps.


In career, the pendulum swings from the Production end for RSA productions in Los Angeles to a teacher for at-risk youth in a small town in Oregon, and a massage therapist specializing in trauma and injury care.


I am a people person who needs the quiet embrace of solitude and often.


I have been misunderstood, rejected and gas-lit, demonized, honored, worshipped, blessed, cursed and loved. And I bet you have too.


I will hold a vast cauldron for those who enter into relationship with me, this means friends, family and clients, I am loyal to a fault. 

I have worked with high profile clients and am bound to total confidentiality.

I will hold your secrets, your pain and your triumphs close to my heart, NEVER betrayed, and will honor our time together in complete confidence.

alayna pic.JPG

“I have been so fortunate to have found a coach that challenges me to dig deeper and to be ok with looking into the messy parts of myself. Summer holds space for me in such a courageous yet tender way that pushes me to strip off the BS and get to the root of things. I have appreciated my work with her so much. Ive done all of my work with her over Zoom and she has empowered me in ways that I will continue to benefit from for the rest of my life. Only sign up if you are truly ready to reveal new aspects of yourself, dig deep, and make lasting change in your life. This woman means serious business in the best way possible.”     


Alayna Brinton,
LICSW and Chief Clinical officer at Anchor Point Counseling






               "Do not refuse me because I am dark and shadowed"- Aurora Consurgens



All sessions are held via Zoom, an online meeting platform.

You'll receive a thorough pre-session questionnaire and "get to know you" form where you will start casting awareness to your strengths, frustrations, stuck places and of course what you love and dream about!

This form will be our contractual agreement. 


We both will know exactly what is expected of the other, I require honesty and integrity from you, as much as you require it from me!

That Dark Night of the Soul...no longer has to haunt you. 


The hidden talents you possess...no longer need elude you. 


And the deep secret desires that hold you back...no longer will stop you from achieving all of your most passionate dreams.

I am your shadow guide and cheerleader, asking the sometimes difficult questions and holding space for you to explore your deep desires and fears.


“Summer is a badass. I have been studying with her and learning to embrace my shadow self. I highly recommend contacting her for an experience far more fulfilling than traditional therapy. You must be willing to go there. If you are brave and strong, she is an incredible guide.”

Heather Auble
Celebrity psychic, artist and coach

Image by Loverna Journey

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This is a space for me to write about my shadow journey. It is raw and at times ugly and painful as well as beautiful and poignant and healing. Come with an open heart and enter into mine.


 "A person is not a thing or a process, but an opening through which the absolute can manifest"