"Summer's strength as a Coach is in empowering others. I spoke with Summer when I was feeling fragile and low and she helped me re-claim my inner strength and to trust my intuition - no matter where it was leading me. Summer has a depth of knowledge and life experience that is radically astounding and inspiring. She is truly one-of-a-kind. Summer's heart of gold -mixed with her no "bullshit" attitude - creates a fiery and passionate energetic personality - which is exactly who you want on your side, rooting you on and pushing you to keep going when you feel like you just want to give up. She lit a fire in my belly and helped stoke the flames to get me back up and running at full speed. And I know she can do the same for you."
D. Arlen, Washington

"I have always been more than a bit resistant to outside advice and guidance. I’m very much a DIY ‘self helper’ who likes to do things my own way, in my own time. Needless to say, the notion of working w/ a coach made me incredibly nervous!! Yet- here I am, with the resounding recognition that saying YES to working with Summer is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made. The things I was previously terrified of regarding working w/ a coach, actually became FUN, all thanks to Summers empowering command. Summer has provided me w/ the guidance and support I never knew I needed, with the direction and accountability I could never admit deep down I wanted. Since starting my sessions with Summer, my desires and the steps I must take to pursue them are coming into crystal clear focus. My far off, ‘someday’, dreams have become tangible aspects of my everyday life. Summer is the compassionate and badass, intelligent yet warm, perceptive and creative, fun but no bullshit, sharp and REAL support I believe anyone and everyone can benefit from, no matter the circumstances, hang ups or hurdles. Summer GETS IT, and is equipped to pick you up wherever you are, and guide you back to your TRUE path.

Working with Summer has reminded me how truly capable I am, has reignited my confidence and reset my focus. What better gift could I give myself? When you’re ready for shit to get real, you’ll want Summer in your corner."

-B Storie, Oregon 

"Summer presents an air of open confidence and her own style of vulnerability that is welcoming and warm. She is authentically herself which puts me at ease. She comes across as very knowledgeable in spiritual and body work and emotional integrity. She has been a massage therapist and has done a great deal of “shadow work” and it all comes through and is present in her coaching as well as her incredible life experience.
Summer is very present and available. I felt very heard and accepted and safe to express myself authentically. She firmly redirected me when I needed it. She pushed gently for my benefit at times, but I never felt like it was a violation. More that she was standing up for honesty and truth from me and would not let me get away with pretending. Summer has a great way of bring firm, yet warm and friendly and accepting. I really like working with her".
A. Leo, Los Angeles